Uutiset FiltaFry, Emsbüren, 16.01.2019

Green Key-Empfehlung Bild: Green Key-Empfehlung

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Hotels and leisure parks that value sustainability can have their own level of sustainability independently confirmed through the “Green Key” eco-label, a major environmental certification for tourism establishments worldwide. Responsible for implementing the programme in Germany, the German Association for Environmental Education (DGU) is for the first time proposing suppliers whose products and services represent a significant improvement in sustainability for hotels and leisure parks.

For environmentally-aware customers

FiltaFry - full-service mobile fryer management, is among the first suppliers to have its service recommended through the Green Key eco-label. “We love to cooperate with companies that help tourism establishments operate in a more environmentally-friendly way and thereby fulfil the criteria for Green Key certification, also over the longer term”, says Robert Lorenz, Coordinator of the German Association for Environmental Education (DGU).

Sustainable frying helps to cut costs

“We recommend FiltaFry’s very effective and beneficial services because we think that not only does it make life easier for restaurant kitchen staff, the fryers are always clean and the oil is always flawless, but also because up to 50% of the oil can be conserved through regular on-site filtration”, adds Lorenz. “In this way restaurateurs are making a measurable contribution to environmental protection and even saving costs.”

“To be recommended by the German Association for Environmental Education really means a lot to me personally. It is also a major milestone for our company and all franchisers”, says FiltaFry Managing Director Jos van Aalst. “Numerous hotels and leisure parks such as Wunderland Kalkar are already customers of ours, profiting from a multitude of benefits. They can now also impress their guests with their sustainability.”

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